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Organizing Our Thoughts

As discuss in the last post about organization & results. No matter how smart or skillful you are, without organizational skill it will really impact your results.

I always had trouble with executing plans & ideas, not until my job required me to coordinate project tasks. It took me a while to find ways to make sure things get done by others & me. These are some of the little things I find helpful to keep organize & stay focus .

1. Write it down/type it up
Sometimes big insight, idea or solution during a meeting/drive/lunch … then I forget about it the next day. To prevent this, please go & find a space to stop & just write it down … that’s I like Evernote on my smartphone & plain white paper

2. 2-minutes rule (5 min for me)
If something take less than 2 min (or 5 min), do it immediately. By freeing your mind from smaller tasks (such as answering an e-mail), you can focus on the task at hand; Otherwise you might waste more time & energy trying to remember do it later.

3. Written To do list
After working for while, you will realize more & more tasks to do. When you have to keep the things you need to do, you would just get a cluttered mind & cause future distractions … So keep a to-do list. Personally I use the medium size posted notes & stick it on the desk; I tried multiple web solution, there is nothing better than paper.

Honestly, programmer are require to consider multiple facets of the code to make sure nothing breaks. This really make us think faster & have thoughts jumping around. Any improvement in organizational skill does help any of us being more productive.

Trust me, this might seem trivial … it really help to clear the mind & maximize our mental efficiency.