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Stay Motivated, Move Forward

I have been in the current ERP project for the last 2 years, while some of the people in the team have been in the project for almost 4 years. With all the obstacles & delays, staying motivating about the work is not the easiest task.

That’s why I’m not surprise at WorkAwesome’s post about the #1 way of staying motivated. They said the #1 way of staying motivated is Making Progress (at 76%); While Collaboration is second with 53%. It had been a bit frustrating during the summer months when we were not seeing any major progress.

Project seems to be very similar to riding in a ship to cross the sea … it keeps rocking back & forth; When deliverables arrives, it seems like it was 1 step forward & 2 steps back, where a new fix breaks something else. This really demotivate the team, since we get were excited able the deliverable the day before after a long wait.

Here are some ways we tried to maintain team motivation:

Keep Track of the Changes & the Why
Since the project is slowing down, the first you need to do is to determine the cause. It could be due to the vendor process, our internal process, a just person in the team (internal or external member) or just some expected obstacle. No matter what it is, you or the project coordinator need to determine the cause & figure out if it’s under your control or not. If it is then do whatever you need to move it forward.

Always follow-up, to make sure you not waiting for nothing

Write on the Wall
Have some kind list of completion in the project. It will show everyone that progress is being made. This does remind everyone that we are moving forward, which does seem affect other positively.

Focusing on the Low Urgency Important Work
When things seems slow, create or review the list of important tasks. A lot of times some of those item gets lost, so it would be a good time to go back & close some of the issue. It’s unfortunate, but most of the time at work: urgency > importance (unfortunate) … since urgency drive stress, while importance doesn’t always.

Finding Little Victories
After identifying the important task, create some smaller goals to push forward of the important pieces of the project. This will move the project forward & the team can claim these as smaller victories. For example, we preparation work & detailing step for future testing of the implementations; even though it might not seem urgency, it will become important when to time tightens when the deliverable arrives.

As long as we push forward we are making process, that means we will be motivated to push forward … it’s an momentum thing.