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After 1st Systems Delivery … Just Doesn’t Fit

In the previous post, we reach our initial code delivery … the code & configuration worked, but there were gaps. It’s work & it’s close to what the client was looking for in the requirement … but as close as it can be, it just doesn’t with the external system, business process or results and missed some critical scenarios.

Even though the overall system work as clients needs it, there are some major functionality delivered that mismatch what the client had in mind. At this point, the client will realize the original requirement doesn’t fit some of the business scenario, the integration with the other system or what the business needs.

At this point either the project is restarted or requirement/specification redesigns are required for the various sections. In either case, a cycle of SDLC from requirement to validation of delivery is implemented in the form of a few large change request.

Requirement: Another joint application meeting is done to define the requirements & also define what is broken.

Specification: Defines specific conditions that was misaligned and apply the fundamental tweaks to systems functionality to fit what the client needs

Code Implementation: Revising the code while making functionality are not broken, also getting more clarification from clients.

Delivery Validation: Being more proficient, the client would quickly confirm the core changes are working to what business needs.

When the system just doesn’t fit business needs, some changes are needed. Although this phase of change is usually missed in project planning, because the project manager wouldn’t have account the requirements needs to be redone. Most would expect that period of code fix is needed, but not a redesign.

Since it needs a simplified instance of SDLC for system implementations, this means more work is needed and … pushes the project scope, cost & time to increase quite a bit.