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Norming to Go-live

The next stage of Tuckman’s team development is the Norming phase. Team Norming happens where the team have one goal to a mutual plan & all the team members takes on responsibility to aim for team success on the goal.

At this point, the implementation project is close to being late from the original schedule … everyone now is aiming to for the implementation to go-live.

After going through 1-2 major redesign changes from project storming (previous post), the functionality should be close enough with actual business need that no functionality change would be allowed by the project manager & leads. All of the testing & development is done is to polish the system and getting rid of any bugs without changing functionality.

This point, it is to bring the implementation to a close and any changes will be consider in a separate individual change request or a project for collection of all the change in a service pack to better align the system with the business process.

In case of any functionality doesn’t fully fit the business process, documented processed will be needed to utilize the system with the least impact with the business process.

For the system implementation, just like the forming phase, the project team & the business units starts to take responsibility of the implementation & learn how the system will integrate with the business process. Since everyone start to notice the implementation is becoming a reality & how it halts other new project from starting … they all have a common goal & they are more willing to compromise to push for the system to go into production .

Once the system goes into production, it will slowly reach the performing stage.
(which I will talk about as I go through this process in the next few weeks)