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Lessons Learned – Days after SXSW interactive

It’s been a few few day since SXSWi, I’m still buzzing on from the energy & amazing ideas from it. Honestly, I forgot how much can happen one day to the next.
I found myself keep on changing everyday to fully experience SXSW.

Day 1: Lost … Wow
Day 2: Making notes & Just taking it in
Day 3: Participate & meet the person next to me
Day 4: Walk up & meet the panelist
Day 5: Interact on the hallway

By the end, I have decided to commit into the world of social media

General Lessons Learned from the trip:

  • Try & try again to find your passion, you probably won’t find it in 1-2 shots
  • Time is short, if something is not worth it, then leave
  • Take action into your own hand
  • If you are having second thoughts, kick that thought out & just do it (otherwise you are wasting your own time)
  • Put you time in social media & network with similar interest, don’t do it half ass-ish
  • Read up on people you want to meet, so there’s something to talk about when you meet them
  • Be inclusive

Got to Apply the lessons learned, otherwise the trip = wasted.
Here are my To Do:

My blog need to be rework for better content strategy

– I’m going to find a way to apply the Content Strategy session
– There is still a lot of notes, I don’t know how I will publish it … I guess that will depend on what kind of strategy to use.

Participate in social media & reach out:

– Participate in sites with similar interest
– Try podcasting
– Check out the Toronto social media community

Every other person either are personality in Social media or working at a startup.
My target is to be a worth participant at SXSWi next year !


My SXSWi Experience: Day 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 was just as great of a learning experience as day 3 or any days before at SXSWi.
Day 4 Sessions:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk Presentation: be authentic, own your brand, don’t waist other people’s time, find your passion & work your ass off on it. I know we heard it before, but he is the prove that it works (Above was from session)
  • Result Oriented Work-Environment: A new work culture where time is not important, only measure results. No gossip/sludge about people not doing their 9-5, as long as you are getting results + meetings would be optional
  • Gen Y Want to Work ‘With’ You, Not ‘For’ You: Most Gen Y is looking for empowerment, not entitlement & every generations has bad lemons, find out if you need to fire them or is it just a bad fit.
  • Passionate People – Key to Success: Figure out your passion & find people who have similar interest & share/build your community

Day 5 in the Hallway:

  • How to Keep Your Blog from Sucking from Josh Holmes: Be consistent, Act professional online & Don’t bad mouth others
  • Alexandra Levit’s Advice: Put yourself out there & work hard at being persistent (for free if you need to), that’s how she got to continue to be a author of multiple book & joining Wall Street Journal.

The last 2 days at SXSW interactive was just as great as before, I got to:
– Meet a session speaker who is a fellow person from Toronto, Meghan Warby … found out there is a social media community in Toronto.
– Meet Ryan Paugh from Brazen Careerist and talked about the site’s growth (a gen Y career networking site)
– Talk to Cali Ressler, author of the book Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it, about what happens when new management enters into the ROWE environment
– Experience Gary Vaynerchuk talk live, the whole exhibit hall was filled with energy … pure awesomeness. GaryVee also shaked everyone’s hand when we enter the exhibition hall (Me include), it was very humbling
– Had dinner with people we meet on the street from SXSW (surprisingly mostly canadians)
– Got recognized (that’s a first for me) 2 times from the day 3 previous session as the guy that participated in the design workshop; Once at hotel shuttle to SXSW on Day 4 and the other when boarding the plane on Day 5.
– Have a one-to-one presentation with Microsoft blogger, Josh Holmes, on blogging etiquettes
My last memorable event was a walk & talk with Alexandra Levit, where we talked about how she got started to be a successful author & also recognized me from commenting at her blog.

Thank You Austin & SXSW interactive!
The sessions & the experience surpass any expectation I had. My goal is to be a worthy attendee for SXSWi2011.

Thank you to everyone being so friendly at SXSWi2010!

My SXSWi Experience: Day 3

The last 2 day I was there, but very passively listening & only talked to 2-4 people.

Today was my real first day at sxsw & I got 2 free books (1 real, 1 pdf)
– Talk to Dan Roam & personally thank him … he also a signed copy of the Back of the Napkin
– Start conversation with a dozen people .. which lead to me to a free book (Engage)
– Went to the podium for 3 minutes at session to 300 & talked about how to market an idea that started from a toilet making waffle
– Actively Participated in answers & questions at the funemployed un-session
– I left my laptop at a session (ran back 5 minutes later & thank god that people at sxsw are nice & no one grabbed it
– I left all my note for the last 2 day in another (I found out 2 hours later), I got a free ebook – Fans, friends & followers. Plus, we got to check out OK Go videos,
– Saw Michel Condry – director of my favorite film ESOTSM
– Saw an awesome megatron-scarface shirt that I need to get for myself & 2 other people

Oh yeah, here are the sessions I went to:

  • Exploiting Chaos: How to build a successful product when your business is falling apart.
  • Blah Blah Blah: Why words won’t work: Vivid Thinking → Merging word-think, visual thinking to communicate in stories
  • Your Design Process is Killing You: How play pushes the next level of innovation
  • Fans, Friends & Followers: 20th vs 21st century audience
  • Funemployed: an un-session where everybody in the room just share their experiences → Nurture a Network that will value you

Anyways, I will put up my notes & experience for this when I’m back in Toronto

My SXSWi Experience: Day 2

There was a lot of notes taken on day 2 at SXSW.

The sessions were so great:

  • Pain Free Design Sign-off: key point – Collaboration, Not Confrontation
  • Failure Panel: My take was … own your failure early … build trust
  • Trust Agent Panel: Be interesting, build community (It’s awesome seeing them in real life)
  • Content Strategy FTW: There is a huge gap in content design … it’s as big as UX design
  • Austin Eats 101: #1 – Breakfast Taco & There is something called chicken-fried steak

Learned a lot, I will put up my notes & experience for this when I’m back in Toronto

Also … First social media sighting, I saw Holly Hoffman from Brazen Careerist’s early today, but didn’t talked to her & much younger than I thought … that was kind of cool.

My SXSWi Experience: Day 1

I’m at South by South West right now, my first conference I have every gone. There are definitely lots of things happen. Everyone owns something apple; 4/5 of the people are using iPhones & 3/4 of laptops are macs.

Between 2-6, I have gone to 6 sessions today, all the planned ones wasn’t that interesting. The one I had stumpled upon were really good:

The Happiness Project (Author: Gretchen Rubin)
– She talked the different approaches to happiness… must get her book/audiobook
– To have challenges & new things happen to you
– Sometimes the little thing helps, such as making your bed everyday (I am not doing that)
– Have a 1 sentence journal: it’s just so much easier to manage & in a few months, it will be massive & can be reflect on.
– Most of us naturally dwell on the bad stuff & it just make you feel worst & worst; so start by focusing on the good stuff

Eight ways to Deal with Bastards
(After running to 2 session happening at the same time, but found little value … I missed the first 30 minutes of this great session)
– How to work with/for/manage bastards?
– Should you pull other person’s weight if they are not performing
– When an argument heats up … leave
– If you are working under a bastard & they don’t know it, how to handle it? I don’t remember the exact answer, but essentially they said to define metrics with the boss & measure it; then they can see the result. Upon their reactions, then decide on your actions.

This is it for now. To remember the session, I will document the thing I pickup.

Really great podcast at Eight Ways to Deal with Bastards, the whole session was really good.